Yoga for Beginners?
Posted on Friday, September 28, 2018 at 2:35 PM

When people ask me if Kaiut Yoga is for beginners? 

The answer:  YES ! It's for everyone. 

I have seen people come to Kaiut Yoga from ages 15 to 90. 

I have seen people come to Kaiut with 30 years of ashtanga yoga, and those who have never practiced yoga before. 

So yes, Kaiut yoga is for beginners and we are all beginners. 

And as beginners we don't need fancy poses.  My teacher Francisco Kaiut says "I don't care if I can do a handstand. I care if I can put my pants on by myself when I'm 90"


The problem we have with yoga is we are exposed though media, advertising as a kind of yoga fake news..too often we are given the idea that one day we might be practicing with poses like these... 

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm very happy for this lady that she can achieve this.

But,  only a few yoga practictioners  would be able, willing, and see it as necessary to do a pose like this. And she maybe damaging herself.  She may not be able to put her pants on when she's 90. 

For the  yoga beginner who is young, relatively flexible and ambitious this kind of yoga image of the "expert" can work.  It can successfully  trigger responses and concepts that any young fitness person will have. " I could WORK towards that, I could BUILD muscles and strength to do that, I'm sure if I was DISCIPLINED I could do that." they might say. 

But if you are not young, relatively flexible and ambitious, the image works against you.  "I'll never do that!" and you give up.  Yoga images like this are the reason why many people looking for Yoga for Beginners, are very easily put off before they start.

Fortunately, if you are looking at Yoga for Beginners, then I'm happy to tell you that  yoga is not about working out, building your body or being disciplined in your practice. 

I'm delighted to invite you to Kaiut Yoga where you don't need to be DISCIPLINED  to do, as if you do it with the correct frame of mind,  your body will crave this yoga and you will continue with it because it just feels right. It feels like nature coming back into your body and mind.  That you don't have to do any WORK in the traditional sense of making tremendous effort, to get certain results.  You simply increase the mobility in your joints by putting them in certain positions.  With increased mobility, the brain knows that you need extra muscle tone and the tone increases. So there is no BUILDING going on that you need to worry about.  Nature simply takes it's course.  

Francisco Kaiut the founder of this type of Yoga has developed it over the past 25 years, in his practice in Brazil he has seen in the bodies of his students, some of whom started with him in their 60's who are now in their 80's,  appear younger in their joints than when they started.  And they don't do fancy poses. They are not experts. 

So Kaiut Yoga is for beginners, because in a sense we are all beginners in yoga.  The beginner's mind is where we approach each pose differently, each day differently and each moment with an aliveness and a sense of beauty at the nature of our own bodies.

I'm happy to welcome you to yoga for beginners. 

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