What do you think about aging?
Posted on Saturday, June 7, 2008 at 12:00 AM

Are we just like sheep, being herded into thinking about aging the same way everyone does? 

What blueprint do you have about aging?  Have you questioned it?  

Although I have been practicing Yoga since my 20's, as I moved past the age of 50 I started feeling niggles and pains in my bones and hips and realised that I was just blindly accepting this as part of the aging process. 

Although I have pretty good role models for aging - my grandmother was still driving a car at the age of 94.  My parents today are 83 and 87 and pretty healthy and active (they are off on a trip to Sri Lanka as I write this) 

Yet still I didn't question these physical issues that were arising.  I took them as normal.

For example, although I knew my shoulders were tight,  I  really had no idea how much tension and tightness I was holding in my neck and shoulders. Even as a yoga teacher. Even with years of yoga practice under my belt. I see that I was ignoring the fact it hurt to turn my neck around to reverse the car. I was adapting and finding ways to use my car mirrors to avoid doing so. That tension has,  since I started a regular Kaiut practice, greatly reduced and I have much more mobility in my neck and upper back. 
And I believe that’s how aging happens, we simply reduce movements because they are painful. We don’t know how to approach pain in our body and don’t feel safe in doing so. Slowly (or with an injury or medical intervention - rapidly) by reducing the amount of movement in a particular joint or area, our mobility gets less and less over time. 
We don't stop dancing because we get old, we get old because we stop dancing.   Anon
Finding the energy to move closer in, to meet the aches and pains that an older body can sometimes produce, requires courage.  It requires a willingness to let go of where ever the rest of the sheep might be going, whatever believe system is operating, it's good to stand out from the crowd and say actually - NO! I'm not going to believe in this. I'm going to explore my body for myself.  In this moment now.  And in that there is a gateway into the present moment of aliveness.  The beauty of each breath.  The wisdom of consciousness itself.