What's the difference between Kaiut and Yin or Restorative Yoga?
Posted on Sunday, September 2, 2018 at 8:07 PM
I’m not so familiar with Yin Yoga nor with Restorative, having experienced only a few classes. From what I gathered is that these practices are very passive and focus mostly on connective tissue.
Kaiut Yoga includes passive & active elements and works with a main focus on the joints. 
The sequences in Yin or Restorative Yoga maybe sometimes taught a bit randomly. Kaiut Yoga is a method, and therefore taught with much more precision, each sequence has been considered and established for maximum benefit.  While restorative or yin yoga may also be quite therapeutic, you are subject to the individual teacher knowing or following a sequence which may not have the same understanding or depth behind it. 
I myself have experienced an intelligence behind the Kaiut Yoga sequences that are influenced by biomechanics, physiological, energetic and spiritual principles.
Kaiut Yoga was developed by a Brazilian man who had a hip major hip injury as a child, who spent many years looking for a solution to his pain and how to avoid becoming crippled.  He trained as a chiropractor, studied yoga, Cranial Sacral therapy and Polarity Balancing.   He has refined and used the approach for the past 25 years in Brazil with some incredible success stories in terms of people with chronic injuries getting movement back. 
We are just receiving the gift of his work now as it reaches other parts of the world. 
“Kaiut Yoga works to return the body to its optimum structure and functionality by targeting the joints, reprogramming the nervous system, and eliminating pain. The results that can be achieved from the Kaiut Method can be noticed fairly immediately after practicing, and will continue to become deeper and more subtle as the student progresses.” Ayla Sarnoff 
Kaiut Yoga Teacher - Shohin Yoga
In Kathy White Yoga I share with you this Kaiut practice so you too can carefully and deliberately expose areas of tension and tightness in your joints.  And  find a way through the breath and awareness to dissolve this ridgidity. And this practice of deepening awareness in each and every moment is the fundamental ground of yoga. Yoga asks us to stay aware of awareness itself. 


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