21 Day Joint Renewal Course

A (quietly) mighty system of yoga designed for folks over 50

In just 5 minutes you will learn one new pose and a relaxation technique


modification videos so that you can adapt and modify the poses for your unique body

Just 5 minutes a day

Avoid yoga mistakes that cause injury

Increase and expand your range of motion

Continue to enjoy the activities you love

Only $97 USD

7 Day No Quibble Money Back Guarantee

Practice every day for 7 days

If it's not for you, simply ask for your money back.

Having flexible and mobile joints isn't impossible as you age, you just need to know the best way to keep them supple (and you can do it even if you have had replacement surgery or injury.)

You can be the fittest athlete in the world, but if you don't have a sustainable way to keep mobile as you age, then all that training, strength building and activity will be for nothing. Many sports that most people do are not designed for long term health for the joints. As you often see with professional athletes, they actually do lasting damage over time.

Some people see themselves running a marathon when they are 90, or sailing across an ocean in their retirement, keeping up to par on the golf course, or simply being able to get up and down off the ground to play with their grandkids.

Do you have dreams for the second half of your life?

You're going to need healthy joints to allow you to achieve those dreams!

Whatever you dream of, you will need to stay healthy, mobile and active to achieve your dreams.

Have you ever had repeated visits to your chiropractor or physiotherapist and it seems like it's a never ending process of trying to get your joints back into alignment, maybe you have an old injury or operation and it feels like stiffness in your joints is increasing with every year you age?

It can feel kind of defeating, right?

The problem is... you start to believe that your body won't ever do the things it used to when you were 20. That doesn't have to be true.

Even if everyone else around you at your age is getting stiffer and less mobile and even if you have previously believed that aging joints brings inevitable pain, stiffness and lack of mobility...

With the Joint Renewal Course, I want to show you the way to keep your joints healthy, mobile and how pressure and movement can flush out those toxins and create a healthy flow of life within you...

As you age, do you want to be like this?

Or, do you want to be like this?

There are things you can do for your joints. The right things. From just 5 minutes a day, you can start moving more easily again. Kathy White

What's Included?


A little bit once a day, you can find 5 minutes in your day no matter how busy you are


All movements are broken down for you in stages to follow at your level of mobility


No push, no stretch, no force. This isn't about ambitious flexibility. Just be kind and allow your joints to rejuvenate


Many of the videos have a companion video where I discuss modifications for you


A balanced yoga practice for joint health to keep you mobile


A daily email to keep the momentum and nudge you back to your mat


Step by step just 5 mins a day, easy to do no matter how busy you are


All positions are shown to you in stages so you can find the right fit for your level of mobility


No push, no stretch, no force. This isn't about ambitious flexibility. Just be kind and allow your joints to rejuvenate


Many of the videos have a companion video where I show you how to adapt for your body


A balanced yoga practice for joint health that will keep you mobile for years to come


A daily email for 21 Days to inspire, educate and give you a gentle nudge back to your mat

21 Day Joint Renewal Course

Why Take This Course?

Listen to what these folk have to say...

Find your own TADHAAAA moment.

Discover how joint renewal is lovely. Hear why this is so good for you.


Gets out of bed and looks forward to doing her practice.


Can't remember which hip was causing the pain!


Started practicing at 87 and is still going at 93!

The Joint Renewal Course

The specially designed exercises and sequences will keep your joints healthy, your body mobile and your mind focused every day for three weeks.

  • You can do this!
  • It's 21 days of short videos
  • You'll receive email reminders and inspirational tips
  • It is simple and easy to follow
  • Just 5 mins a day (and add more time if you wish)
  • Feel the results of regular movement
  • Stay active, healthy and mobile as you age

Keep you and your joints smiling!

I've created this just for you. I want you to feel happy in your body, enthusiastic about getting older and joyful when you move around. Kathy White

This course is designed primarily for folks over 50, as, let's face it, this is when our joints generally start to hurt.

You may have old injuries (even minor ones from years ago) in your neck, feet, ankles, shoulders, hips, knees or spine. These injuries or surgeries might be causing you pain and you desperately need to increase your range of motion but you don't know how without causing more pain.

The Joint Renewal Course is like joint hygiene to increase flexibility, gain mobility and reduce joint stiffness and restrictions.

Invest in just three weeks of your life, and see how you can continue to do all the sports and activities you love even as you grow older.

7 Day No Quibble Money Back Guarantee

If it is not for you after 7 days, simply ask for your money back.

Let me introduce myself...

I'm Kathy White, when I turned 50 I was horrified to find that my joints were increasingly sore and painful, despite being an active person and having taught yoga and studied other movement techniques for over 20 years.

I almost gave up.

Thankfully I didn't give up. Instead I decided to dedicate myself to finding out how to move my joints and to teach my students on how to move their joints in a way that brings relief, increased flexibility and strength. I wanted to learn how to move in ways that would be sustainable for the years to come.

I'm nearly 60 now, and feel better than I have in years.

I invite you to join me on this 3 week course. I'm passionate about longevity,

fascinated by aging

enthusiastic about health.

I want for you, that you too can move well, live well and age well

I have researched, re-trained, studied and read. And I realise how important my joint health is for my overall health.

I have always believed that health is a choice not something that comes down to luck.


Why delay... don't allow your mind to come up with excuses:

I'd love to BUT.... I don't have time (really? only 5 mins a day)

I would do it BUT... my shoulder is sore (really? it will only get more stiff*)

When presented with a goal Let's Get My Joints Moving - your mind will come with a hundred ways to say

"yes, BUT...."

it's time to get off your "BUT"...

  • FAQ
BUT... I've had surgery, injury, other physical issues can I take the course

Yes, if you have your health care professional's permission (or you wish to self-declare yourself fit enough) you may work very slowly and mindfully. There are many modification videos, and each pose can allow for different issues. Of course we cannot claim or guarantee that your specific issues will be healed or improved, and that said many people report noticible differences in their joints.

BUT...I've been practicing yoga/pilates/going to the gym for years how is this different

The difference is that huge results are found by staying in these specific and precise postures for a long time. The work is deep, powerful and very strengthening. 5 minutes for one posture helps gain more opening in your joints, to flush out toxins and renew for more flexibility and avoid the instability of overstretching.

BUT... I'm just a beginner can I take the course

Yes, because it is just one posture to learn each day. Even if you have no prior experience with any other fitness regime you will be able to follow the simple instructions and hear how and why each pose is so good for you.

BUT... I'm very busy, will I find time to take the course

Everyone can find time when it's just 5 minutes a day for 21 days. Could be at the beginning or end of the day. Some of the postures can be done in bed. Other postures could be done while standing in the kitchen making dinner.

BUT... I'm not flexible can I take the course

Yes! Start slow, start small and the momentum builds. The movements are designed for all levels of flexibility. Even if you are as stiff as a board you start there. In fact the stiffer you are, often the quicker you see results.

Here's Why You Want to take this Joint Renewal Course


The Joint Renewal Course is specifically designed for better joint mobility in your sore knees, aching shoulder, stiff back or painful hips, ankles, feet, hands, elbow, neck, over all joint health and flexibility is addressed.

Whatever level of flexibility or mobility you have, the video instructions are very easy to follow. There are no complicated poses. You do not have to be very flexible or mobile to gain the benefits. It is suitable if you are a complete beginner.

For those who already have a regular sports practice or use yoga, pilates or other exercise routine you may find that joint health is not always addressed. This system added to your regular fitness routine will make sure your joint stay healthy - especially as you age.

It allows you to move your body SUSTAINABLY and help your joints today and in the future to keep moving well for the next decades of your life.... increasing longevity:

The Joint Renewal Course restores, strengthens and relaxes your joints kind of like adding WD-40® to them.

It can bring remarkable results in a short space of time.

On Day 1

You feel amazing for having made a decision. Simply set a regular time and place for your own practice of just 5 minutes a day for the next 21 days.

By Day 7

By now you are enjoy the practice so much, feeling confident and proud of yourself. Maybe even extending the time by adding videos together... try 15 mins if you wish.

By Day 14

A daily dose goes a long way - by day 14 you will already be noticing the difference, feeling tightness ease and restrictions in your joints reduce

By Day 21

Congratulations ! You're all DONE with a new good for you daily habit. One Joint Renewal posture per day that can carry you forward into the years to come.

Put Some WD-40® on Your Joints Starting Today !

This is a GOOD FOR YOU daily habit: starting today you are making a choice for your health and wellbeing so you can keep on doing the things you love well into old age

What other people say...

The 21 Days - an excellent opportunity to try a variety of the poses ...Participating in the challenge reinvigorated my commitment ... I could adapt for my restrictions if necessary.

Pat Eagar

I am not good at scheduling my time for "exercising" alone but these 21 Days were so do-able and gave me a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction so much so that I extended the time some days.

Jude Cahoon

21 Days = Easy to fit in, manageable, bite size guidance, that got me on the mat each morning - a great habit and start to the day!

Angie Alexandra