A small intimate studio class gives you personal attention and a beautiful setting with all yoga props provided for your practice.  (Please note that because of COVID-19 students are currently asked to bring their own yoga props).   


Kathy White teaches from her own home in Crofton where she has created a beautiful dedicated space for her yoga classes. 


Learn this revolutionary yoga that combines Kaiut/Yoga Mais and Scaravelli methods into a practice that is designed to assist in keeping your  body mobile longer and so enable you to keep on doing the things you love. 


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New Student:  New students are always very welcome.  Please fill in the new student intake form so that we know of any issues you may be currently facing and what your personal goals for practicing yoga are.  

Frequently asked questions

Here are a few answers to our most common questions

I have physical issues can I join? 

Is there a beginners class?

Why is yoga so popular?

How much yoga should I practice?

I've been practicing for years how is this different?

Please fill in a new student form if even if you have never done yoga before - so we can learn more about you and your needs and aims for yoga.  And once you have filled the form you are then eligible for the new student discount for 3 classes offer. 


COVID-19 Please note that studio classes very limited and currently are by invitation only. Please fill in the new student form and ask to be put onto the waitlist if there is a class opening.