A Free Mini-Course On Joint Health

How To WD40 Your Joints…

Move Well, Live Well, Age Well With Joints That Can Do Anything

Man sitting on the floor smiling with barefeet

I share the same approach I use with my clients to support active men and women to stay flexible, vital and active even if they have old injuries, joint operations or other issues....

Discover how with as little as 5 minutes a day you can apply the Joint Renewal System(TM)  to restore, rejuvenate and heal - even old injuries

Learn why NOT stetching is important, and how  to flush out toxins and increase oxygenation of the joints 

Understand what kind of movement is needed and why stillness is important when bringing health into your joints 

I have issues with my shoulders and lower back and had tried other forms of yoga, but they didn't seem to help. Since I started Yoga with Kathy, my joint pain in both the lower back and shoulders has diminished, and mobility is greatly improved. I attribute this the Kathy's knowledge and teaching ability. I highly recommend Kathy and her classes, I can actually now sleep pain free.

Jim Milne

When I did my first sukhasana pose (legs crossed further out in front of you and learning forward)

I was horrified at how tight and painful everything was in my hips. And after just one of Kathy's  classes, things were already changing.


Jane Duncan Rogers

In recent years I have had both my knees replaced and like most seniors have a several other restrictions. I highly recommend Kathy’s programs. An excellent opportunity to try a variety of poses as well to see if at home online yoga is a fit for you.  Participating reinvigorated my commitment to Yoga and  I could easily adapt for my restrictions if necessary. 


Pat Eagar

A brilliant course which set me on the track of supporting my body to be so much more flexible. After just a few sessions I was able to sit cross legged something I have not be able to do since I was a child. My hips and back are so much more mobile and flexible. Thank you. 

Dr. Phil Taylor

I was so inspired by Kathy's elderly father starting yoga at the age of 87 that I took the plunge and started yoga - for the first time in my life. A few years ago I had a hip replacement and never fully regained my mobility - until now! Both my mobility and my fitness levels have significantly improved and for the first time in 15 years I can sit cross legged on the floor - and comfortably too!

Iain Davidson

Anything which helps my nervous system relax is hugely welcome in my life, and taking part in Kathy’s yoga classes had me melting into the floor by the end of each session - each time, I thought wow, as I could really feel a difference in my whole being.


Angie Alexandra

This information needs to be shared.  Join me on this free mini-course, bring a pen and paper to take note of how you can restore, renew and rejuvenate your joints.... ​

Hi, I'm Kathy White and when I turned 50 my joints began to give me trouble.   I thought that aching joints were just a normal  part of aging.  Even though I was a healthy and active yoga teacher, and had studied many movement methods, nothing seemed to help me to dispel the idea that aging equals stiffness, inflexibility, and lack of mobility.  


The medical profession confirmed that stiffness and pain are  “normal wear and tear”  of the joints.


By researching, re-training and working with my students, I discovered this is not necessarily true.


I studied, re-trained and developed new ways to restore joint health.  

I saw how effective it is to move the joints in specific ways, that could reduce pain and gain better mobility even from old injuries. 


As I brought freedom back into my own body while gaining increased muscle strength I started to feel happier, healthier and more energized, and vital - I started looking forward to growing old. 


My students also began to feel the results.  Like Rylan who after a few months could no longer remember which hip had been bothering him!  Or Jane who looks forward to practicing everyday and has seen her ankle pain all but disappear.  Or Jude who after a knee replacement was back in class six weeks later.  


The 3 principles of the Joint Renewal System(TM)  just like adding WD40 to your joints!

Aging joints are not inevitable.  They can be your litmus test for how young you feel.  And longevity is not just about a long LIFE SPAN,

it's about your ability to create a long HEALTH SPAN.

This is your choice...

Take Action

Flush out toxins

Bring renewal

Increase flexibility

Move for good health and longevity

Do Nothing

 Continue with stiff joints

feel achy

Be prevented from playing sports

Reduce activities