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Why Yoga

5 myths about yoga

  1. It’s just another physical activity like pilates, going to the gym
  2. It’s mostly for young and flexible females
  3. You have to go to special “senior” or “chair” yoga classes once you are past a certain age
  4. It’s only about stretching to make yourself more bendy
  5. It’s a weird spiritual thing with strange chants and foreign words

These myths are just not true. 


Yoga not just another physical activity like pilates or going to the gym. 


There are yoga teachers and forms of yoga out there that have become just another fitness thing.  And if that's what you are looking for then don't waste your time here.  However, if you know that yoga can be an incredibly powerful and transformational method. If you see the potential of yoga to help you as you grow older, and if you are interested in learning more about the unique yoga I teach, then a warm welcome to you!   


Word of warning:  be prepared to be challenged on what you think you know about yoga, health, body, mindset and longevity. 


For the body that is aging, yoga has an incredible potential to restore and revitalize.  But only with the proper approach.   Done incorrectly Yoga can injure the body.   


The unique yoga I teach addresses and promotes joint health on a physical level, re-balances your nervous system and brings clarity and increased awareness to your brain for increased mental agility and function and better emotional regulation.   And of course this is a yoga that will bring you an ever-deepening sense of presence and bring feelings of expansion,  freedom and an experience of deep peace on a spiritual level. 


It’s mostly for young and flexible females

Often people think yoga is about stretching or being super flexible (and you need you be young and female).  This yoga practice takes you deep inside your joints. Hips, knees, shoulders, spineankles, neck, elbows, wrists, fingers and toes.  No matter how flexible or inflexible you may be.

Through essential breathing techniques and clear poses and sequences that everyone can do, each joint, every cell in the body can be allowed to heal old injuries, let go of any blockages and create new blood and lymph flow through your body to bring about greater health and vitality.

You have to go to “chair” yoga classes once you are past a certain age

Not true.  Many students report having radical results in a very short time whatever their starting point.


AND the goal is not for quick fixes.      This is #yogaforlife


I’m passionate about yoga and I believe that if everyone on the planet did yoga into old age then many problems of the aging populations across the world could be solved. 


And the yoga I teach enables people to move freely.  They may start with using props and needing a form of  'chair yoga' however most students soon graduate back to the floor.


A unique mix of postures and sequences adapted from Kaiut Yoga and Scaravelli Yoga gives students a system for movement that when practiced regularly, will keep them mobile well into old age. 

It’s only about stretching to make yourself more bendy

Yoga does stretch you.  Yoga stretches you towards freedom from constrictions in all areas of your life no matter whether you can physically bend or not . 


This is vital as you age. 


Old people get the reputation for being rigid 




unable to bend or be forced out of shape; not flexible.


Being inflexible occurs in the mind as well just as much as in the body.  Yoga allows you to counteract these tendencies and invites you to stay open and fluid, whether you bend or not,  which brings you to greater health, vitality and longevity.


Kathy White Yoga is a refined, beautiful and powerful yoga practice that directly addresses the issues of a modern western lifestyle, the issues of aging and it is specifically designed to help re-set the course of your life today, for a  transformation of your health and well-being through yoga. 

It’s a weird spiritual thing with strange chants and foreign words

The ancient roots of yoga are about bringing about better alignment in the body, mind and soul.  it is a system of health, vitality, meditation and right conduct. It means connection. 


 Yoga supports you to create a body that can restore itself even while aging, through movement, meditation and teachings of wisdom so that you are fully functioning living your full potential and able to live fully and love deeply.  


Because yoga stems from India, uses sanskrit words and strange chants,  it sometimes is seen as some weird spiritual thing.


It is actually something really friendly, and in essence brings greater agility,  mental precision, awareness and freedom especially as you age. 


There is a paradox within Yoga.


Yoga is something you do with your body, but it's NOT a physical activity.  Yoga uses your body to anchor yourself in the present moment with awareness and without stress. 


Being present and alive in each moment brings you on a path to restore and maintain your health and vitality so you can move well, live well and age well.    

Yoga means joining. 

Yoga means joining, union, connection. 


Meeting each moment NOW, and every time you do that you continue to do Yoga throughout your day. 


Throughout your life.


Welcoming life to move through you, even when it’s challenging, even when there are obstacles. 


Learning how to stay present to all challenges and discomforts, all joys and celebrations whether they are felt or experienced on one or more of your physical, emotional, mental or spiritual levels. 


Yoga is a path to cultivate joy, calm, acceptance and love within the vastness of your total being.


Yoga as an anti-aging process supports you exactly because it’s about finding freedom and agility in both your mind and your body. 


A complete yogic path includes mindset, nutrition, meditation and energy.  Yoga is a proven whole and complete system, developed over 1000's of years, passed from student to teacher and brings incredible results for health and longevity.


I welcome you to Kathy White Yoga where I continue to study and learn from teachers, and humbly try to pass on this ancient wisdom and tradition as best I can to all my students. 

Acknowledgements: Deep bow of gratitude to many yoga teachers from whom I have learnt and continue to learn so much.  Sivananda,  Vanda Scaravelli, Louise Simmons,  Diane Long,  Sophy Hoare,  Francisco Kaiut,  Cris Prengle,  Sandra Sabatini,  Michal Havkin various Feldenkreis teachers, and others...

And the many spiritual teachers I have worked, played, studied and danced with notably Byron Katie, Adyashanti, Jeff Foster, Jac O'Keefe, Tony Parsons and many other inspirational souls... 

To the beautiful community of Findhorn that has nourished, supported and encouraged my spiritual journey for over 25 years 

And to my wonderful family and many friends who support, encourage, keep me sane and grounded... 


  And the greatest teacher of all.... life itself.