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Frequently asked questions about classes

Here are a few answers to our most common questions

I have physical issues can I join? 

Is there a beginners class?

Why is yoga so popular?

What kind of yoga is this?

How much yoga should I practice?

I've been practicing for years how is this different?

Frequently asked question about payments

Here are a few answers to our most common questions

How do I book?

I'm a new student, how much is it?

Can I re-schedule or cancel my bookings?

Why is it in USD ?

I'm not technical can you book me in? 

Can I pay in Canadian Dollars?

Canadian dollars

You may etransfer $ canadian (prices below) to kathy @ kathy white yoga . com  (remove all spaces when entering the email address)  Then follow these instructions: Watch 3 min video  Pre paid - access smoothbook

All prices include tax

  • 12 class pass  $140   (valid for 70 days) Good for people who practice twice a week
  • 6 class pass   $85  (valid for 60 days) Good for people who practice once a week
  • Single classes $21   (Valid for one class)
  • New Student rate $27 for 3 classes

Once you have paid you will receive notification and you will be able to book your classes yourself. 

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