Got stiff and achy joints?

You can have a joy-filled active life again even after 50...

Got stiff and achy joints?

You can have a joy-filled active life again even after 50...

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About Kathy White Yoga

Hi, I’m Kathy White.

With a dash of humour, a few grey hairs of experience, and a whole lot of love, I'm here to guide you on your journey for better joint health and more mobility in your later years.

I love the beauty, stillness, freedom, and the natural intelligence that yoga offers to our bodies and minds and I want to offer that to you.

Get your joints moving in a safe and easy way

"It's just like magic for the joints!" Kathy White

What students say about Kathy White Yoga

I was inspired to start yoga with Kathy because of the type of yoga that she offered. My favorite part of coming to yoga with Kathy is that I feel the benefit of each and every class and beyond that I have access to the membership site to have the opportunity for daily self-practice. I'm seeing the physical benefits (better flexibility strength and calmness)

How I feel after a class is energized physically relaxed and later I may feel the areas where we've worked but in a good way

Kathy's teaching style is that every step is considered experienced and explained clearly with the opportunity to feel the poses with movements that are slow and unhurried unlike other forms of yoga I have experienced.

I recommend Kathy White Yoga to a family or friend by saying this is not like the typical yoga class especially online. This is the best form of yoga for life particularly as one gets older, to benefit from joint flexibility and renewal supporting our daily movement in helping our emotional well-being and reducing stress.

Debbie Crawford

What inspired me to start with Kathy White Yoga was that I knew I had to move and needed help for my joints so I found her on a search before I moved to Crofton where she teaches.

My favorite part of coming to yoga classes with Kathy is the group energy and her guidance.

After a class I feel energized and after a day or two perhaps a little sore this is my body waking up from a few years of no movements.

I would recommend Kathy’s classes to family or friends because of her attention to detail and the knowledge she drives from helping me

Kathy’s gift in her teaching style is her ability to pay attention to each individual student's needs

Jean Patrick Walsh

I was inspired to try Kathy White Yoga because a friend I knew had moved here and wanted to do yoga. But I didn't want to stand on my head!

My favorite part of coming to Kathy White Yoga is Kathy. I need to be scheduled as I have little or no discipline. I always feel better after class even when it has been somewhat difficult.

After a class I feel invigorated I may have a few aches for a bit but if I don't come, I feel like a slug and I feel stiffer.

The biggest change I've seen from coming to yoga is that I understand my body better I understand I need to move it or lose it. Classes help me relax and sleep and are good for my mental state.

I would recommend Kathy White Yoga to family and friends 'cause it's very suitable for various levels you can make it as easy or as hard as you like.

Kathy’s teaching style is very personal it's as if she has a sixth sense and knows when to make an adjustment or add a prop. There is a unique personal approach to the classes and what may might seem easy or simple can sometimes be both so effective and difficult.

Heather Neville

"Yoga is not about stretching, it is about awakening, connecting and fully living"

Kathy White

Get your joints moving in a safe and easy way

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