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    With a practice of just 5 minutes a day you can create a new daily habit that restores joint health.

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    Exercise practices can leave you feeling inadequate.  No push, no ambition just meet yourself now.

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$29.00/month  $197/year

Membership has a 30 day money back guarantee

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The Joint Renewal System(TM) strengthens and relaxes.


It brings remarkable results in a short space of time.  

$29.00 USD/month  $197.00USD/year

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  • Kathy White Yoga Leg lift with strap work yoga for longevity

    Audio Recordings

    There is a variety of class recordings for you to listen and follow. 


    Each recording is an hour long, however you can simply follow for 10, 20 or 30 minutes to fit with your schedule. 

  • Yoga for longevity and health Kathy White Yoga


    Using photos of poses is tricky when you only look at the image itself.  


    The photos in the membership library have notes, arrows and are more a diagram of how the pose should take shape so you don't make mistakes.  

  • yoga for health, mindset and longevity, yoga for over 50s

    Joint Renewal SystemTM

    A daily dose goes a long way  to lubricate your joints. The 3 week Joint Renewal System (aka the 21 day challenge) is a great way to start and supports you with just 5 minutes a day to keep your joints healthy and mobile as you age. 

  • Kathy White Yoga uphavista konasana yoga for health


    For beginners, it is sometimes necessary to watch a video to start, so you get a visual reference for the pose. 


    Following a video class enables you to check that you are doing the postures correctly.


Make a choice for your health and wellbeing and keep on doing the things you love well into old age

$29.00 USD/month  $197.00USD/year

all prices in USD

Keeping Your Joints Healthy Made Easy


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  • Make it easy

    Feel results fast:  starting with the 21 day challenge for just 5 mins a day

What other people say...

I have issues with my shoulders and lower back and had tried other forms of yoga, but they didn't seem to help. Since I started  with Kathy, my joint pain in both the lower back and shoulders has diminished, and mobility is greatly improved. 

Jim Milne

When I did my first pose 

I was horrified at how tight and painful everything was in my hips. And after just one of Kathy's  classes, things were already changing.


Jane Duncan Rogers

 I let go of the need to 'repair myself' which allows me to feel better on a holistic level. I am delighted that Kathy is giving us access to online resources so that we can continue our practice at home. Highly recommended.

Mhairi McClean

This set me on the track of supporting my body to be so much more flexible. After just a few sessions I was able to sit cross legged.  My hips and back are so much more mobile and flexible. Thank you. 

Dr. Phil Taylor

A few years ago I had a hip replacement and never fully regained my mobility - until now! Both my mobility and my fitness levels have significantly improved and for the first time in 15 years I can sit cross legged on the floor - and comfortably too!

Iain Davidson

Taking part in Kathy’s classes had me melting into the floor by the end of each session - each time, I thought wow, as I could really feel a difference in my whole being.


Angie Alexandra

Join for your Joints! 

$29 USD/month  $197USD/year

Membership has a 30 day money back guarantee

Not completely satisfied with your membership?  Simply ask for your money back within 30 days no questions asked.