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Yoga For Over 50

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specifically  designed for joint health, increased brain agility and to keep you moving and active without injury or stress


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Yoga for over 50 gives increased mobility, flexibility and strength for better health, vitality and a regular practice may help reduce the effects of aging in the body

I have issues with my shoulders and lower back and had tried other forms of yoga, but they didn't seem to help. Since I started Yoga with Kathy, my joint pain in both the lower back and shoulders has diminished, and mobility is greatly improved. I attribute this the Kathy's knowledge and teaching ability. I highly recommend Kathy and her classes, I can actually now sleep pain free.

Jim Milne

When I did my first sukhasana pose (legs crossed further out in front of you and learning forward)

I was horrified at how tight and painful everything was in my hips. And after just one of Kathy's yoga classes, things were already changing.


Jane Duncan Rogers

I just wanted to let you know how much I have benefited from your on-line classes. I am so grateful that you put your classes on-line. The classes provide me with a daily structure that has positive effects in mind, body, spirit. I have had chronic hip pain for a number of years and I found doing yoga with you so beneficial that I noticed it after 1 or 2 classes!  I have l  almost no pain in my hips and knees and this is a lasting quality. I am so delighted and know that keeping this practice going is essential to my well-being now and in the future. 

Lyn Bull

The intensive yoga was a brilliant course which set me on the track of supporting my body to be so much more flexible. After just a few sessions I was able to sit cross legged something I have not be able to do since I was a child. My hips and back are so much more mobile and flexible. Thank you. ”

Dr. Phil Taylor

Inspired by Kathy's father starting yoga age 87,   I took the plunge and started yoga - for the first time in my life.

A few years ago I had a hip replacement and never fully regained my mobility - until now! Both my mobility and my fitness levels have significantly improved and for the first time in 15 years I can sit cross legged on the floor - and comfortably too!

Iain Davidson

Anything which helps my nervous system relax is hugely welcome in my life, and taking part in Kathy’s yoga classes had me melting into the floor by the end of each session - each time, I thought wow, as I could really feel a difference in my whole being.


Angie Alexandra

Kathy White Yoga Teachings


Your health starts with you.  And it ends with you.  Many people feel that they have no control or are at the mercy of their body.  When you engage with a healthy yoga lifestyle, you begin with physical movements and postures…. and with yoga you learn so much more about holistic well-being. Making choices now, that will impact how you are in the future 


No matter how much you THINK you need to look after yourself, until you have decided that you are worth looking after, until you have challenged all your beliefs about your worthiness you will not succeed …. Mindset is everything for your well-being.  Yoga enables you to change your mindset to have healthy thoughts and emotions.  



They say it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert.  Are you an expert in your own health and wellbeing ?   It takes practice, it takes commitment.   Until you make the choice to a regular practice,  and take action to join, no amount of information is going to change anything… Join classes online to start a regular practice, or join Kathy White Yoga membership to access recordings and videos. 


Signature Program 

The Kathy White Yoga signature program is by application only.   I work closely with you to set the course of the second half of your life for the better. You can see your future and you are excited because you know that transformation through yoga, nutrition, lifestyle and mindset will support you to live a longer and healthy life... watch the masterclass video to see if you are a good fit for the program