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Here's What No One Tells You About Joints

Most people think that "wear and tear" of the joints is normal and inevitable and eventually means pain and reduced flexibility. Get free access to the Joint Renewal System(TM) Guide and discover a unique way to oxygenate and flush your joints to rejuvenate and restore.  Learn how to increase flexibility and strength in you whole body so you can keep doing the sports and activities you love. 

Move well, live well and age well with healthy joints.  





I have issues with my shoulders and lower back and had tried other forms of yoga, but they didn't seem to help. Since I started Yoga with Kathy, my joint pain in both the lower back and shoulders has diminished, and mobility is greatly improved. I attribute this the Kathy's knowledge and teaching ability. I highly recommend Kathy and her classes, I can actually now sleep pain free.

Jim Milne

When I did my first sukhasana pose (legs crossed further out in front of you and learning forward)

I was horrified at how tight and painful everything was in my hips. And after just one of Kathy's yoga classes, things were already changing.

Jane Duncan Rogers

I just wanted to let you know how much I have benefited from a daily structure. I have had chronic hip pain for a number of years and I found doing yoga with you so beneficial I have l  almost no pain in my hips and knees and this is a lasting quality. I am so delighted and know that keeping this practice going is essential to my well-being now and in the future. 


Lyn Bull

This set me on the track of supporting my body to be so much more flexible. After just a few sessions I was able to sit cross legged something I have not be able to do since I was a child. My hips and back are so much more mobile and flexible. Thank you. 

Dr. Phil Taylor

Inspired by Kathy's father starting yoga age 87,   I took the plunge and started yoga - for the first time in my life.

A few years ago I had a hip replacement and never fully regained my mobility - until now! Both my mobility and my fitness levels have significantly improved and for the first time in 15 years I can sit cross legged on the floor - and comfortably too!

Iain Davidson

Anything which helps my nervous system relax is hugely welcome in my life, and taking part in Kathy’s yoga classes had me melting into the floor by the end of each session - each time, I thought wow, as I could really feel a difference in my whole being.

Angie Alexandra

Why Joint Health? 


Your joint health starts here.    Many people feel that they have no control or are at the mercy of their body especially as it ages.  That pain in the joints of their body is just to be expected from "normal wear and tear".  When you understand what components you need to have in your daily routine for good joint health you can start to feel confident about keeping up with all the sports, hobbies and activities that you love to do. 


Taking action, making your health and your body (especially your joints) a priority means making a decision.  Choose health, choose to question all your beliefs about aging …. and make your  well-being a focus.  Most people will simply put up with pain and restriction.  You don't have to.  You can change your mindset and meet your body with positive and healthy thoughts and emotions.  


Online Classes

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   There is no magic snake oil for healthy joints, it can take time, however many of my students feel results immediately.  If you have been using your body in a habitual way for 50 years, it's going to take more than one session to right it.  


Joint Renewal is a powerful way to help you feel small improvements quickly and huge improvements over time. 


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Then it's easy.  Choose to keep healthy with live online classes where you will enjoy your practice and feel the benefits immediately. 


Joint Renewal Mini-Course

 Do you feel you need to upgrade your joint health?  Do you want to look deeply at why the joints are such an important (and often overlooked)  area of the body when it comes to fitness and health.






Watch my free mini-course on Joint Renewal and learn how active men and women over 50 are doing their own joint renewal analysis* to regain zest for life.  Gain purpose and vision and become excited about your future with the tools to stay healthy with a unique combination of yoga, nutrition, lifestyle and mindset.