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"It's just like WD40 for the Joints!" Kathy White


I have issues with my shoulders and lower back and had tried other forms of yoga, but they didn't seem to help. My joint pain in both the lower back and shoulders diminished, and mobility is greatly improved. I attribute this to Kathy's knowledge and teaching ability. I highly recommend Kathy and her classes, I can actually now sleep pain free.

Jim Milne

I just wanted to let you know how much I have benefited from a daily structure. I have had chronic hip pain for a number of years and I found doing yoga with you so beneficial I have l almost no pain in my hips and knees and this is a lasting quality. I am so delighted and know that keeping this practice going is essential to my well-being now and in the future.

Lyn Bull

When I did my first sukhasana pose (legs crossed position)

I was horrified at how tight and painful everything was in my hips. And after just one of Kathy's yoga classes, things were already changing. After 5 years of being with Kathy, I know when I practice I feel so much better and that always happens within a day or two or getting back to my mat.

Jane Duncan Rogers

"Yoga that is less about stretching and more about awakening, connecting and fully living in your body"

Kathy White

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